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MLP est l'un des outils les plus sophistiqués d'Afrique permettant aux utilisateurs d'accéder à des informations sur toutes les espèces de lémuriens de Madagascar.


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Samonds Karen Elizabeth

My research is focused on the origin and evolutionary history of Madagascar’s modern fauna, one of the most unique and endemic on the planet. How, when, and from where they arrived has remained largely unknown due to a 65-million-year gap in the fossil record that occurs precisely within the time period during which the modern vertebrate groups are hypothesized to have colonized the island. My research has sought to fill in this “gap” in a number of different ways. I also continue to collaborate with colleagues on projects examining dental development, life history, anatomy and growth in both living and subfossil lemurs. These collaborations have examined life history variation in extant and extinct primates (including electron microscopy and ontogenetic studies of dental eruption and root formation), and collected data from captures of wild lemurs to characterize their growth and health in pristine forest and disturbed fragments.

Domaines d’expertise/Area of expertise:  Subfossil lemurs, Lemur growth and dental development, Lemur life history

Espèces étudiées / Species: Propithecus diadema

Razafindratsima Onja

Dr. Onja H. Razafindratsima is an ecologist dedicated to the study of the processes and mechanisms that determine the structure and diversity of ecological communities in natural and human-modified environments. Some of her recent research focused on understanding the importance of seed dispersal by lemur frugivores in structuring plant communities in Malagasy rain forests, and the consequences of lemur loss on forest integrity and human wellbeing. She also investigates how past extinction of lemurs in the Holocene influence the structure of present-day lemur communities and how these patterns of extinctions relates to current extinction threats to improve predictions of future species declines and guide conservation efforts of these highly threatened taxa.

LaFleur Marni

My research examines the evolution of female dominance in ring-tailed lemurs, as well as lemur conservation, including the illegal trade of wild-captured pet lemurs in Madagascar. I work primarily at the Tsimanampesotse National Park, and have documented ring-tailed lemur cave use, cathermerality, and use of previously unknown fallback foods during drought. I am interested in climate change and the limits of adaptability in ring-tailed and other lemur species.  


I am the founder and director of Lemur Love, a US registered 501(c)(3), which aims to inspire love for lemurs, in addition to carrying scientific research, conservation small-scale development in Madagascar. Additionally, I’m a member of the IUCN Primate Specialist group and a lecturer in Anthropology at the University of California San Diego. 

Domaines d’expertise/Area of expertise: behavioral ecology, nutrition, illegal pet trade, conservation

Espèces étudiées / Species: Ring-tailed lemur

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